Anonymous asked:
Hey! I was hoping you Could tell me what you do to get your killer abs? And how regularly? Is it too late to start now for summer?

Hey! It all comes down to hard and consistent training. I do heaps of variations of ab exercises to keep my body guessing. Just make sure your activating your ab muscles at all times when training them to get that burn. Also tighten and control your body throughout the exercise - it’s not what you do it’s how you do it.


Had a cheat meal yesterday- it was curry :O but I got the spinach based one so hopefully want quite as bad as the cream based ones like butter chicken! I also had a whole meal naan.. Yes it’s still bad I know but a girls gotta cheat when a girls gotta cheat!

Anonymous asked:
I saw your post about uni and it being hard to eat healthy while staying in hals, and I'm just curious as I'm going to uni next year (new zealand too) and staying in the hals but I'm worried about the food that will be served, do you stay at a catered or uncatered one?/what kind of food gets served?? Thanks!

I stay in a catered one and most of it is just deep fried or really processed meat and plain veges… Not really sustainable for the amount of training I do :(


Fit life vs Fat life…

HELP ME! Im back at uni now and am torn between working out and drinking. I guess i can do both but is it weird that i dont want to drink because im worried about the effect it will have on my training/body? Its such a dilemma living in dunedin… i think i need to get involved in something other than just going to the gym or make goals- iv been thinking about training to compete in a bikini figure competition? hmm hmm hmm..